About us

What does Balea consist of? about us?

At Balea Travel we are storytellers of experiences. Our guided tours have a high educational and fun component. That is to say, an entertainment activity in which, in a close and pleasant way, you can forget about the hustle and learn something through an experience that you can share with your people.

What we offer you on our visits?

In our guided tours we concentrate on selecting the most representative spaces of the culture of Granada and its most unique details: from historical events to legends, myths, artistic elements, etc. Rest assured that we are going to tell you the most curious and implausible of something that is part of our own identity and culture.

What are we gonna see?

That is why we want you to know more about the city of Granada with us so that, once at home, you want to tell what you have lived and felt, and also that you want to return to this piece of magic again.

Then, since you are here … What history do you want to know?

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