Guided tour of the Albaicin with your dog

You’ll get to know the thousand-year-old Albaicín quarter, the most essential corners, places, viewpoints and scenarios that represent the neighborhood.

What does the visit consist of?

This visit consists of a two-hour guided tour of the Realejo district. The itinerary is designed to walk quietly away from the crowds in a small group. If you come to Granada with your dog, now you can get to know the millenary Arab neighbourhood of Granada, the Albaicín, with your best friend. The Albaicín was the founding heart of the Kingdom of Granada. The cultural and identity value is key to understand this city.

What do we propose on this visit?

Our proposal of this visit is for you to get to know the Albayzín quarter. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

We will wander through its narrow streets, heirs to the ancient Arab medinas. Being one of the oldest neighbourhoods, it is also the place where the Kingdom of Granada originated. It was a military fortress and the residence of the Zirí kings, the cultural essence of Nazari Granada and later a refuge for the Moors. Therefore, its heritage value is found both in its monuments and in the life and legends of the neighbourhood.

You will also learn to identify the cultural and identity value of a place that is essential to understand Granada, interpreting its legends, chascarrillos and stories. Besides visiting the best viewpoints overlooking the Alhambra Palace you will have the feeling of travelling back in time in a dream place.

What will you visit?

Starting at Plaza Nueva, we’ll go through a maze of streets in the Albaicín, arriving at the Placeta de Santa Inés, where the old quarter of Axares begins, you will see the best viewpoints until you reach the one best known for its views of the Alhambra Palace: The Mirador de San Nicolás. Then, after starting a descent through the most emblematic places of the neighbourhood we will end up in the well-known Puerta de Elvira.

MEETING POINT  In Plaza Nueva, at the door of the Royal Chancery.
  • Sundays (hours and special availability on holidays).
  • At 10:30 am.
REQUIRED Present yourself at the meeting point at least 10 minutes in advance.
Official Tourist
Guide or Official Heritage Interpreter.
What is not specified in the INCLUDED section

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  • It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and in hot days, hat and a bottle of water. For dogs, water and plastic bags.
  • Not suitable for people in wheelchairs due to the urban layout of the route.
  • Capacity limited to 15 people for each service.
  • Call Center Schedule: from Monday to Friday, from 09:30h-14:00h and 16:00h-18:00h.
  • On public holidays there is no telephone service, but you can contact us at
  • If you already have a reservation and need to contact us, there is an emergency telephone number on the voucher.
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