Granada and More cultural program

The City of Granad, whose origin is still being discussed today, hides the vestige of different times and cultures. From a megalithic past to the Iberian settlements in the Albaicín. From being under Carthaginian control to being one of the main Roman gold mining towns. Becoming a forgotten city during the Visigoth government and seat of an important Sephardic community. To finally proclaim itself the capital of the last Muslim kingdom of the Iberian Peninsula and direct heir to Al Ándalus and finally, to be the Christian city where the discovery of a new world was forged. After this, and its decline, is when the literary Granada that we know today through folklore and the arts inherited to this day arises.

Granada and more is a cultural program specially thought and designed for people from Granada and residents interested in learning more about their city. We have three workshops of eight thematic itineraries each and that we offer with the academic year by quarters. For more information and reservation see each block:

Granada and more I: Granada medieval history

First block of Granada and more, focused on the historical-cultural heritage of Granada, scenarios and places of the most recent past, have been chosen.


Granada and more II: Of lords and vassals

Second block of Granada and more. On this occasion, you will learn about the transition of powers according to the historical stages of Granada through art and the most important events.

Granada and more III: Granatae, in memoriam

Third block of Granada and more. Granada in memory will make you go through the life, feats and more of some of the most illustrious or less known characters of its history.

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