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Book day and night tours in Granada.

Guided tour of the Albaicin from the inside | Carmenes and Renaissance Palaces 

Walk through the Albaicín quarter, where you will visit the Cármenes and the Renaissance palaces and you will understand the historical evolution of the place.

Guided tour: Walk through the Andalusian prisons

We propose you to visit what is perhaps the largest medieval Arab prison in Europe, including some underground sections.

Guided tour: Legends of the Alhambra

A visit for you to take a quiet walk in the Alhambra at night, hearing the forest, the sound of water and the silence of a lonely Alhambra.

Night tour: Conspiracy in the Albaicin | Albaicin by night

You will wander at night through a maze of ancient streets. The Albaicín is a place where true stories always surpass fiction.

Guided tour of the Dobla de Oro | Get to know Spanish-Muslim Granada

In this long walk you will get to know in depth palaces, private houses and public baths from the 11th to the 15th century.

Night tour: Granada Inexplicable | Black history

If you want to feel and live a dark but magical Granada through an overview of its main neighborhoods, this is your itinerary.

Guided visit to the old Jewish quarter of Granada with your dog

In this visit we propose you to know the old Jewish quarter of Granada, known as «Garnata al-Yahud» during the Arab period.

Guided visit to the Albaicin with dogs 

You’ll get to know the thousand-year-old Albaicín quarter, the most essential corners, places, viewpoints and scenarios that represent the neighborhood.

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